Improve your heating with power flushing.

You may notice your radiators don't perform as well as they did when originally installed. This is very common and if you have ever seen the water expelled from your heating system when you bleed a radiator you will understand why.

Residue and sludge build up over time and gradually impede the circulation of your heating system. The result is restricted circulation which means your radiators take longer to heat up and don't get as warm leaving you with a less efficient heating system which takes longer to heat your home and increases your heating bills.

Power flushing is a simple and cost effective solution which will restore your heating system without replacing perfectly good radiators. 

A professional power flush will cleanse your central heating system and remove the built up sludge and residue. Having your system power flushed will not only increase it's efficiency and reduce your heating bills but will also extend the life of a new boiler.

We can also help protect your boiler from the build up of sludge and scale deposits by installing an inline magnetic filter. These filters collect the impurities from the heating system helping to maintain the efficiency of your heating system and again prolonging the life of the boiler.

Power flushing is completely safe and all the cleaning agents injected into your system are non toxic. Prices vary depending on the type of heating system.

Contact us now to arrange a visit from one of our highly skilled engineers and a free no obligation quotation. If you are able to tell us the age and type of the system and the number of radiators in your home we will be able to give you a fairly close estimate before we visit.